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Thread: Unable to Delete Messages Sometimes

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    Default Unable to Delete Messages Sometimes

    Using ZD 2 beta 4 with a Zimbra mail server account:

    After running the program for some amount of time, I am unable to delete messages from my inbox.

    I tried pressing the delete key, using the delete button on the toolbar and using the delete option from the message context menu. Nothing happens at all in the program to indicate that my action was acknowledged.

    In fact, if I right click a message and select delete, the context menu stays up as if I hadn't clicked anything.

    Restarting ZD seems to correct the issue until it happens again.

    Anybody else seeing this? Never had this problem in the previous beta version.

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    I have this EXACT same problem. I've noticed that it frequently occurs with my Windows 7 laptop at home but my office computer (Win XP) seems to be more reliable.

    I'm very surprised that no one else has noticed this!

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