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Thread: Zimbra Features Quit Working

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    Unhappy Zimbra Features Quit Working

    A couple of features that I frequently used stopped working after our recent upgrade. 1) I can no longer create an email by clicking on an email address in the address book. 2) The "search" feature in email will not search any dates more recent than July 13. 3) If I click on "print" in an email, the resultant page that is printed is in a very small font. I must cancel the print job, click on "print preview", click print from there and then close out all of the open windows to get back to my list of emails. 8 clicks total from start to finish. No big deal, you say. I would say true, but most annoying. So . . .?

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    Which version are you on now? #1 seems to work fine for me on 6.0.8. For #2, I'd suggest re-indexing your mailbox. Not a clue on the printing issue.

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