I'm a typical end user that is very new to Zimbra Desktop, and trying to migrate from Outlook to Zimbra Desktop.

I've got Zimbra Desktop installed on Windows 7, and done the following:

1. For my existing POP mail(in pst/psd files): In order to archive and made POP account emails available to read from Zimbra Desktop, i'm planning to copy all my POP mail's emails to my Gmail(using IMAP/SMTP settings) in outlook 2010, then later view them in Zimbra Desktop.
Problem: it takes very long time to do so as i've 2 years of emails to move. from POP to IMAP(Gmail)
Question: Any easier tips to read my archived POP mails using Zimbra Desktop(i.e. convert pst to Zimbra desktop's format?) as i dont really need those emails to be accessible from any computers.

2. Question: How to do a schedule backup my mails after switching to Zimbra Desktop? I've tried search for related articles, but cant really understand and some looks like for ZCS which i dont really know how to do it.

Anyone has a sample script that i can use (for windows 7) that can be execute in command prompt?

Appreciate if anyone can help on showing some sample steps to do so. Thanks.