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    Hi, my question is this: The details under the From field, in all cases where there is no explicit name available, include only the first part of the sender's email address (the one preceding the @ sign). In my kind of business I get to send many mails to companies with addresses like As a result, my inbox is full of mails with only "info" to denote the sender which, apart from being confusing (you see so many mails that look the same), is also very unpractical because when I want to check whether I already received a mail from a specific person I actually need to enter each one of the mails. I was wondering if there is a way to change that, so like in other mail services where there is no name related to the address, the full address appears under the From field and not just the first part of it. Thank you.

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    Use the Search function to look for specific email.


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