I tried to create a group in the Address Book the other day. No problem. A day or two later I had to update an email address and I couldn't find any way to do it. It appears that when an address is entered, the current email address is entered rather than just entering the person's name and then at the time of use finding out what the current email address is and using that. The only way I could change the email address was to delete the entry and then re-enter it. This is not a good implementation since it forces the user to remember every group an individual is in and then go change all those groups.

So I tried to skin the cat another way. I tagged all the individuals in the group with a tag and then I selected the tag and selected all the individuals. Then I hoped to be able to send an email to all the selected individuals by right-clicking and selecting New Email. Unfortunately Zimbra only allows you to do this if you select one individual. If there is more than one selected then New Email selection is grayed out.

Does anyone know how I can have group of individuals that I can send an email to that is dynamically updated as the email address changes?