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Thread: [SOLVED] Spell checker does not work properly.

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    Default [SOLVED] Spell checker does not work properly.

    Desktop, the spell checker does not work properly. Is there any way to configure it to correct the spell? The language I am using is Spanish. Thanks. I want to say by by to Ms Outlook, and I think Iam in the way to do it.
    I had written some words in English and it Works fine, ( found the correct words almost all times) But if I write some in Spanish it just put some red dots below the word, My be I need to install Spanish dictionary. Any ideas. Thanks

    I download new file es-ES.dic say for spanish dictionary and I supose to Edit <install>/profile/user.js file and set correct locale to "spellchecker.dictionary" user preference. For example, if you want to use U.K. English dictionary, you should have this line in your user.js:
    user_pref("spellchecker.dictionary", "en-GB");

    Thing is I could not found te mentioned file

    Ok this issue has already been solved.
    The file user.js is under the folder AppData this is hidden file you need to set the folder option to show all. This the Path /User/Appdata/Local/zimbra/zdesktop/profile/user.js
    You need to modify two files; user.js and perfs.js in order to apply your prefer dictionary
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