We use our exchange server for INTERNAL stuff and also have an external Email Provider.

Both the Exchange Server and the External Email go to the SAME email address.

When I tried to create my exchange connection in Zimbra, after I already made my POP connection to the external, it would NOT let me use the same email address since it was already used.

Is there anyway around that? Not sure if it even affects anything, but either way, its not the right email address. (although the connection still pulls in the right emails because the login information is still right, just the field called "email address" at the top is wrong, which also displays when your looking at the activated email accounts)

My second concern is, our users right now are used to ONE inbox, even though we have 1 external connection and 1 internal connection.

Outlook combines both those accounts into 1 inbox for easy viewing. (i'm sure all of our users dont even know they have 2 email accounts)

Is there anyway to do that with Zimbra? Re-training everyone to grasp having 2 email accounts is not an option.

Thanks for any help!!!

Derek Conlon
Western Rockies FCU