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    Question Search Query Count

    My question is for the saved search queries - can we get a count number attached to it on the right just like outlook does. (This also could be similar to how we have the bold count for new mail in Zimbra but the saved search count does not need to be bolded).

    For example: I saved a search query and I would like to see the number of emails in that search query and also for this saved query to update the count automatically as new emails come in that meet the search criteria.


    I just discovered Zimbra and I must say I really love it so far! Thank again!!

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    The focus of the displayed count will probably be on unread, maybe a total in mouseover like folders do (note tags don't yet). Will be interesting to see how we handle it resource wise, since they can be more demanding in scope (trigger it when logging in and when clicked, then store the count value, or if we fire it periodically etc) : Bug 31723 - saved searches should display unread count

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