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Thread: Automating some tasks?

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    Default Automating some tasks?

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    I'm using Zimbra desktop beta 4. I'd like to automate some of my regular tasks, ideally I'd like to be able to create a 'macro', something like "Add signature X" that I could assign a keyboard shortcut. Or something like "Run this search, move the results to folder X"
    Does anything like this functionality exist?



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    Well, yes. As far as your examples go.

    "Add signature X" is done by simply creating the signatures and selecting the appropriate one from the "combo box" when you're writing your message. I'm assuming you mean the text that appears at the bottom and not a digital signature for security measures.

    "Run a search", you can always save it as a folder. It will get updated as new messages that match the criteria arrive but the message itself will remain in your inbox OR you can create a filter that will move messages to a particular folder. Or both.

    I don't know how to assign a keyboard shortcut, but it's just a short mouse move away (not the best solution for some, but it's there).

    Hope that helps.

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