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Thread: Nothing happens when clicking on "new mail", "reply" or "forward"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by terofalm View Post
    I solved issue too but after I removed Signatures on server with ZimbraAdmin, deleted the local account and recreated it, nothing changed !
    After lot of loosing time an thanks to ChaSer I rename default signature "Signature #1" on ZimbraAdmin with no # and no space and recreated local account and... it works !!
    hello there

    i'm still having the problem after that procedure

    i don't even think it has to do anything with our signature 'cause 3 users here are using a long signature with several german umlauts (, , ...) and that works fine.

    the account where the problem appears has 100s of folders and subfolders.
    any idea?
    (yes, the user wants to keep his folders )


    Version: zdesktop_2_0_b10580_win32
    OS: Win7 Home Premium (German)

    the names of the folders contain spaces, umlauts and []
    i think this could be the problem.

    is there a way to mass-rename zimbra folders?

    is this worth a new thread?
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