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Thread: is it possible to branding Zdesktop ?

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    Default is it possible to branding Zdesktop ?

    hi !

    is it possible to branding Zdesktop for the gold partner of zimbra ? Put our name and logo into the installation, icons..Etc.

    Any solution to customize installation of zdesktop with personal ready-setting , default zdesktop setting..etc?

    thanks for any ideas.

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    I would also be interested in knowing if we can brand for our company (we have 95 users that I would like to migrate to Zimbra).

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    You can.

    The method is very similar to the one used for ZCS, just copy the skin directory into the "skins" directory of your ZD install (it's different for 1.0.x than for 2.0.x) and restart ZD for the change to take effect, not just the GUI, the daemons too.

    This needs to be done for each installation. You may want to vote for and Bug 44711 – Allow downloading of skins from server

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