I currently use Mozilla Thunderbird as e-mail client but the company for which I am working for uses Zimbra for their e-mail management and I wanted to use Zimbra Desktop to make everything work together. We are also trying to remove all mozilla thunderbird applications because of an error that happened. BUT, No-one here will make the move because of the following points:

What Zimbra does:

- Downloads ALL emails from the IMAP server EVEN public shared ones (NOT logical)
- Downloads emails instead of showing the contents of your mail box.

What Zimbra does not:

- Simply show the content of your IMAP inbox and folders.
- No shortcut for "Edit as new message"
- Refresh folder contents on demande

Basically, Thunderbird is much faster because it dows NOT download all messages to the computer. It's an IMAP server, not POP! It shows me the contents of my folders and then downloads the information on demand. When I click on a message, it downloads THE message, not the whole contents of my inbox and folders. I don't use the quarter of the public shared folders and my used space was 577Mb on the server while as Zimbra Desktop downloaded over 4Gb! THAT'S NOT NORMAL! So until those points are not covered, Zimbra Desktop will NOT be used as a prefered mail client. Thunderbird takes maximum 15 minutes (And that' IS huge) and it's up and running, zimbra took more than 8 hours and was not still running properly!