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Thread: Read/Unread status issues since upgrade to RC1

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    Default Read/Unread status issues since upgrade to RC1

    Since upgrading to RC1 from Beta4 on OSX 10.6.4 yesterday I'm experiencing various issues which all seem related to the read/unread status and count:

    1. Randomly during the day, new messages will have come in and they won't show in ZD until I click Send/Receive which then 'instantly' displays them - almost like they were sitting there and the display simply wasn't updated (rather than them not being synced)

    2. I view ZD and a number of inbox items are showing as unread (except I read them on my iphone say half an hour ago) - click Send/Receive and this refreshes the view (again instantly as per 1 above).

    3. Despite having read all messages in the Inbox, the Inbox folder in the left view remains bold with a (1) in brackets - restart ZD the only way to clear this.

    4. I sent an email, the email is sent, but the outbox count is not updated.

    Todd's comments in this bug seem to match my experiences: Bug 44134 – lost new message notifications

    *** Update ***

    Since composing this post, ZD is now failing to show any new emails and neither the tree view or list view is display the new messages or count even after a Send/Receive.

    More details: Before starting this post, ZD had been running all night - I experienced some of the above problems so I relaunched ZD, dealt with a few mails then started writing this post. I just logged into ZWC and noticed that various folders, including Inbox have new emails. I have clicked Send/Receive in ZD and it is not showing me the updates.

    I am viewing by message with the reading pane at the bottom and 'Mark it read immediately' and 'Select the next message' are both selected in Prefs.
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