I have been searching the documentation, the forums and Google but have been unable to find a solution for this problem.


I am attempting to migrate a ZCS 6.0.7 implementation on old hardware to a ZCS 6.0.8 Implementation on new hardware. I have successfully backed up one user on the old box and restored him on the new box. But, of course, the Global Address List didn't migrate with this single user. My intent is to migrate a few more people to the new server for testing purposes before biting the bullet and moving the whole company over.


So now I need to figure out how to migrate the Global Address List from the old server to the new one. This Camtasia video purports to demonstrate the process:


The only problem is, when logged into Zimbra Desktop as either the admin user or some other user, when I click on the "Preferences" tab (as shown in the demonstration) that row of tabs below it does not appear. In other words I don't get a row of tabs for General, Mail, Composing, Signatures, Address Book etc. This fails to work whether I log in as an privileged or unprivileged user and it fails to work equally on the old 6.0.7 server and on the new 6.0.8 server.

I get no tabs at all under "Preferences".

Has anybody encountered this problem before? Is there a fix?