After searching in vain for a email client to replace Windows Mail and still do everything I needed, I finally came across Zimbra Desktop.
So work well and I love the program...but there are a few little quirks I need some help with.

1. The first is creating sub folders under another folder. I do not get the New Folder [nf] choice on the right click drop down. It is listed, but is not active/usable. When I type nf I will get the new folder dialog, but after I edit the information I get an error message telling me it cannot be done.
I deleted one account to fix another problem I was having, added that account back in, AFTER THAT I could add a new folder to that account.
HOWEVER...this did not work for other accounts.

2. The filters are making me nuts. I actually like that I have to go in and create an filters manually for emails, like Junk mail, this prevents the email client from picking and choosing all "willy nilly" what emails are spam/junk and which are not...which was a MAJOR failing of other clients I have tried. However I am having a few issues...
When I right click on an address to "add" it to an existing filter, I get the dialog to add it...but when I click okay to add the filter, I get a dialog saying there is already a filter by that name. I CAN jot down the information on paper, go to preferences, filters, edit, and add does not always save that information ( about 30% of the additions do not save and need to be done twice).

Thanks for your time and suggestions...