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Thread: Zimbra Desktop Client - Taskbar Icon

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    Default Zimbra Desktop Client - Taskbar Icon

    This probably seems minor, but it's driving me nuts. I installed Zimbra Desktop onto a Windows 7 machine and all was well. Later, I was messing with Firefox and the Prism plugin, trying to set up an unrelated web page as an app. It didn't work out, and I abandoned it, but Zimbra Desktop started using that icon as its taskbar icon. After a while it started to wear on me, because I could never find Zimbra. (It's a telephone icon, completely unrelated to Zimbra.)

    Now, I've decided it must go. I've:
    1) Upgraded Zimbra Desktop from the beta to the final release.
    2) Uninstalled and reinstalled Zimbra
    3) Uninstalled, then completely deleted all Zimbra related folders that I could find, then reinstalled Zimbra.
    4) Uninstalled the Prism plugin from Firefox.
    5) Deleted all Prism related folders in both appdata/local and appdata/roaming.
    6) Deleted any folder that vaguely refers to Prism or Zimbra Desktop.
    7) Reinstalled Zimbra

    After all of those steps, my taskbar icon is still a phone. The correct icons are located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop\data\zdesktop.webapp\icons\default" but the application is not using them.

    Please help, my sanity is at stake! Thanks in advance!

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    Bump - Bump

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    Default Bumping

    Bumping this old thread because it's still a problem despite multiple client upgrades. I can't figure out why it's using this stupid icon. Thanks!

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