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Thread: [SOLVED] How to install ZD2 under Windows XP Spanish (might work for other languages)

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    Default [SOLVED] How to install ZD2 under Windows XP Spanish (might work for other languages)

    Based on severeal posts from this forum I managed to run Zimbra Desktop 2 under spanish language Windows XP.

    The application wouldn't run because it "dislikes" non-english characters in the profile path.

    C:/Documents and Settings/Gustavo/Configuración local/Datos de programa/Zimbra/Zimbra Desktop/jetty/etc/jetty.xml

    After install I've deleted the Zimbra's registry entry under HKCU\Software. This entry will be auto-generated with the correct value.

    Then I've created a folder (i.e. Zimbra) right under c:\ (It can be any other path while it does NOT have any non-english special characters)

    The I edited zdrun.vbs and modified the path of two variables to match the folder recently created.

    sLocalAppDir = "C:\Zimbra"
    sDataRoot = "C:\Zimbra\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop"


    It's a pitty you can't place the Zimbra's profile folder under the Windows user's profile folder in all cases. You may be able to put it under "Mis documentos" (My documents) only if you didn't use special characters for creating the user (i.e. Gastón)

    Hope it helps,

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