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Thread: Zimbra desktop - 2 way sync with iCal?

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    Default Zimbra desktop - 2 way sync with iCal?

    I just downloaded the latest build of Zimbra Desktop 2, interested in seeing the latest updates to integrating calendar and e-mail. But I was disappointed to find out that Desktop can only do a one-way sync of iCal, and can not sync changes back to Google Calendar. Is there a feature request for this in the future? One of the neatest features is the ability to drag a message into the calendar and have it autocreate a meeting based on the info in the message.

    It is much more productive to keep my calendar stored online so I can see it from anywhere, besides just from my work computer.

    Looking forward to the day when the complete calendar solution via Zimbra Desktop does it all. Until then... I must stay with Tbird and Lightning...


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    Yea, that bugged me and my users too. (somewhat whiney users...)

    Just put your gmail address in the attendees list and save. No need to accept in gmail.


    Create the calendar object, save it, right click and forward. Enter your gmail address. Again, no need to accept the invite in gmail. The focus is not in the correct field when you forward, but your hand is on the mouse anyways.

    For us, this then syncs to our our Androids (Nexus one and Samsung Vibrant) almost immediately.

    Once I trained the users, no complaints.

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