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Thread: I want some SPECS on size of install and ease of deletion ?

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    Default I want some SPECS on size of install and ease of deletion ?

    I am looking at ZD2 but cannot find very many user reviews and I remain a bit skeptical based on what I've read.

    I want to know how much HD space is used for the installation and anything to do with memory usage might be helpful too? (BTW, this information should be easy to find but it wasn't)

    Also, one user who tried it out reported that it is difficult to delete all the files it sets up. In other words if I try it out, don't like it and wish to delete it there will be files that remain on my system. Can someone address that ? If I delete the folder(s) that are set up on installation what else is there to do to get rid of ALL of it.

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    I'd suggest just installing it and trying it out to see if it works for you. I take your point with regard to removal and resource usage, but I disagree with the comment about it being easy to find. Resource usage will vary depending on what you do with it.

    If I install it and point it to three email accounts using various protocols and containing thousands of messages, that's going to use more ram, hard drive and processor than a single pop3 account with a dozen messages; so how would one go about measuring resource consumption?

    Zimbra could install it on a reference machine with no accounts and tell you how much hard drive and ram it uses, but then people would complain because a real-world installation would be completely different to it.

    As for uninstallation, I cant comment, as I've not yet tried the recently released (nonbeta) version of ZD2. You dont mention what operating system you are using though, so that makes the removal question a bit harder.

    I dont mean to sound overly defensive of the product, and I apologise if I do; I just think software is a kind of personal thing, some people love Outlook, others hate it, you can only really find out by installing it and seeing how it feels to you.

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