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I have a message stuck in the outbox that I cannot delete. What is the procedure for removing this message.

I have heard that the message sticking in the outbox folder has been fixed in the 4.5.5 release connector, but if I have not yet upgraded on the server side, is it still okay to apply a newer connector on the client side.

I have the same problem. I tried to send an an email attachment that contained 21.5 MG two separate times. Now I have two drafts and an outbox that I cannot delete. So the Zimbra Desktop is now totally unuseable, except that it stores all my email accumulated into folders for 4 months. I have to go back to the online version, which works OK in order to send or receive any email, as the offline version is now dead and won't allow me to stop the process of sending those emails. It will no longer connect to the server, according to the error message it gives me.