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Thread: Zimbra Desktop 2 slow sync

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    Angry Zimbra Desktop 2 slow sync

    We are running ZD 2 on iMacs and Macbook Pros (MAC OS X 10.6.4.) and are experiencing sync problems. Mail does not always appear in the inbox unless one clicks either the inbox or refresh after which they appear in a batch.

    After a sleep mode, it often takes up to 10 minutes to sync and sometimes it does not sync at all until ZD 2 is relaunched.

    Both issues are making ZD 2 unreliable and cumbersome to use. Is this a known issue and or does a remedy exist?

    We have re-installed ZD 2 several times, but the issue remains

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    We got the same issues i guess.
    Now I use ZD7, but I also saw these issues on ZD2 as well.

    Some minutes ago I marked on my Laptop with ZD7 on Ubuntu 10.04 one mail in one zimbra account as spam.
    On my desktop PC, where I have also ZD7 running on Ubuntu 10.04, this one spam mail still was in Inbox, not in Junk-folder as it is on the laptop.

    I also checked the webclient and there this mail also was still in Inbox.

    I hit several times Send/Receive-Buttons on all 3 clients with no effect.

    While I wrote this post, the sync was happening and all 3 clients now show same Inbox contents. But it still needs way too long! Well, I need to say that it not always needs that long. Thats only sometimes. Occassionally.

    For me in special that is no real problem, but we have some zimbra accounts that share several client pcs with ZD2 or ZD7 and WinXP on each pc and they mainly use the calender.
    So they some times get big problems, when calender entries don't sync immediately to the server and to each client.

    By the way: The server is latest ZCS6 open source edition.

    Maybe an upgrade to ZCS7 would help? Can I easily upgrade from 6 to 7 without bigger issues?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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