Zimbra Forum,

I tried to reach the Sales Dept, but noone seems able to answer the phone.

I am investigating ways to finally get rid Outlook for my small business. It is a slow, buggy app, and it contstantly has the Blue Wheel of death, interrupting my train of thought and training me to scribble things onto a piece of paper instead of capturing the CRM information into Outlook.

Here is what is required. Some of this is for me personally, some of this is for the small business.

Personally, I want a Mac and PC app that can perform the PIM functionality Outlook claims to offer.

Local Sync between Outlook and Zimbra on PC (Win7 x64)

Local Sync to a Blackberry (8330) using Blackberry Desktop 6 (PC) (NOT using BES). Local wired sync.

Sync between Zimbra on Mac and Windows, local if possible.. or via Exchange or Google Apps domain.

I cant find much documentation on any of this. Zimbra Desktop seems to be targeting is a very simple single user who does not sync to a handheld and does not need to access things over the web. Zimbra's other product offerings seem to require a Zimbra server, BES, or Exchange. Documentation does not seem to discuss access to Google Apps domains.