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Thread: Exporting Zimbra Contacts and Email into Yahoo Account

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    Default Exporting Zimbra Contacts and Email into Yahoo Account

    I have a Yahoo Small Business account which means I had to create a yahoo personal email address in order to support my domain and domain email address. My Yahoo Personal Email address got hacked. Due to some issues re: SBCGlobal/ATT/Comcast, I couldn't change my password. The only option was to back up my business email, email folders and contacts onto Zimbra and then close my Yahoo Small Business account and re-open it up with a new Yahoo personal email account.

    I did all the above. However, Yahoo will not allow me to import the CVS file I created while exporting my Zimbra contacts. And I am unsure how to import my email folders and email files.

    I contacted Yahoo and they said it was a Zimbra question. Is there a Zimbra support team I can contact? Or, is there someone reading this that can help me?

    I am a graphic designer not a tech person so this is a steep learning curve for me. So please be gentle.


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    How exactly do you have your email backed up? Was this from a version of Zimbra Desktop, and if so which version?

    Where did the .csv file come from, the Yahoo web interface or ZD? And where are you trying to import it back?

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