I have a Yahoo Small Business account which means I had to create a yahoo personal email address in order to support my domain and domain email address. My Yahoo Personal Email address got hacked. Due to some issues re: SBCGlobal/ATT/Comcast, I couldn't change my password. The only option was to back up my business email, email folders and contacts onto Zimbra and then close my Yahoo Small Business account and re-open it up with a new Yahoo personal email account.

I did all the above. However, Yahoo will not allow me to import the CVS file I created while exporting my Zimbra contacts. And I am unsure how to import my email folders and email files.

I contacted Yahoo and they said it was a Zimbra question. Is there a Zimbra support team I can contact? Or, is there someone reading this that can help me?

I am a graphic designer not a tech person so this is a steep learning curve for me. So please be gentle.