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Thread: Zimbra and Yahoo problems

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    AS first I must say I HATE YAHOO.
    I am convicted on using it since I have 1000's sites registered with yahoo and cant switch easily to another email .

    Then I thought Zimbra could help me.
    It was nice in beginning until I found out that none of these are supported:
    Syncing tags, Syncing calendar and actually nothing is synced except Inbox folder.

    That was frustrating.
    Then I was glad to see 2.0 version appeared so I installed it just to test it.

    Now my big question is : Where dh is Zimbra desktop 2 located ? I cant find .exe. I cant start v2.0 all I have is zimbra 1.0.4 starting all the time.

    I wish I am wrong and all these questions are already answered and have some solutions.
    If not , I am really stuck

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