I just submitted my fifth major bug concerning zd2 and there's more to come once we are actually able to track some of them down.

I am eagerly awaiting the day where zd has reached a level of quality so i can actually recommend it to some of my clients.

Currently i am somewhat disappointed in zd2, its beta quality at best, nowhere near rc or rtm for that matter.

It has quite a few fundamental flaws, only one of the bugs i reported as been fixed, a second bug has been assigned but delayed until Helix, the other three have received no love whatsoever.

Somewhere on the bugtracker i read that 2.0.1 is scheduled for the beginning of december, meanwhile every person that wants to have a look at zimbra is offered a totally broken mail client.

Where am i going with this? Aside from the desire to actually rant i really don't get where this is heading.
In order to actually sell or recommend a product to clients i really need to have that warm fuzzy feeling that this product is decently maintained and that its development is going somewhere.

Currently it feels like zd is maintained by 3 people which tend to add useless features like zimbra social and date highlighting (ok that has been in for ages) instead of fixing bugs and getting a 2.0.1 which fixes major flaws out quickly.

Do you actually have a plan where zd is going or is it just "random marketing guy has a retarded idea and forces devs to code it" field?

And while you are at it: PLEASE fix the licensing dilemma and make yourself interesting to the smb market by allowing non crippled licenses to <25 user groups.

I do really hope this does resolve in the near future, the world needs a decent exchange replacement with a working multi-platform client.