Hi , i have this problems , i cant create a new folder in the "Local Folders" .In local folders i have only 1 folder "trash" and i can create only there new folders; so my local folders look something like this: Local Folders > Trash> New Folder.
Right now all my mails are kept on an web server and i have an quota ( amount of space ) of 1G , because of this i want to move all my mails on my pc .I couldnt found where exectlly are my mails from local folders are stored .
How i can modify the path where the mails are stored on my pc ?
How i can move messages directly to local folders ? i dont want to store my mails on a web server. ( In windows mail is very easy , you only have to uncheck a box " leave a copy of message on server" )
When i receive/send a message i want a copy of them on my gmail account ( this is also possible in windows mail , if im not wrong)

I forgot to mention , i have vista ultimate.
In preferences i have very few options when i select local folders.Zimbra desktop for me is an app wich replaces my web browser. Zimbra DESKTOP is almoust the same as the web version , very poor in options ,pls dont take this as a complain/rant but...
( for ppl who will say if you dont like it then use...... , well i couldnt make the windows mail to fully work properly , i can only receive mails :P )