I'm not sure are we doing something wrong or there is really some problem in sharing capabilities of the client. As long as web interface is used everything is working just perfectly. But in our tests on a desktop client 2.0 briefcase sharing capabilities seems to be broken. Various file sharing tests have been ran and show following results.

1) its impossible to see the folders shared directly. ie user which is holding the shares cant access it from the client if any other user is logged in client that has a share on that folder. message folder does not exist appear.

2) If more then one user is logged in file sharing it becomes unstable meaning not all sub folders or files are shown on at least one user. Most of the times the first user created can see everything which does not apply for the others. Even if they are looking on the same share.

Since the bug list didn't show any similar bugs reported (or we didn't find it) it could also be a problem in server configuration? If anyone encountered similar problems help would be gladly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance