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Thread: Few problems installing/running ZD

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    Default Few problems installing/running ZD

    Hello All,

    We have recently moved to ZCS and wish to use ZD on users' PCs in our organisation. ZCS is on-site deployment, and all users use Windows XP connected to win2003 domain on their PCs. We have been facing few problems using ZD:

    1. ZD installed successfully, but do not run for first time: On some PCs this happens that ZD finishes installation successfully, but do not run for the first time even. (Log generated on one PC only - its attached here)
    1a. On couple of PCs, nothing happen on clicking 'Zimbra Desktop' menu item.
    1b. On few PCs it gives error 'This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect'. (No log generated)

    I tried re-installing ZD, disabling AV & Firewall on such machines, modifying zdrun.vbs scrips as discussed in some forum threads, installing VC++ runtime as guided in some threads, but none works.

    2. On couple of PCs where ZD runs successfully, they are facing problem that two-way synchronisation do not occur automatically (neither on modifying local data, nor compose/sending mail, nor when new mail arives), they need to manually 'Send/Receive' frequently.

    3. On two or three PCs on starting ZD it gives error "A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.", though selecting either stop or continue loads ZD without any problem.

    4. For one user, his mail store size is approx 11 GB. I ran PST import tool to get his outlook data imported to zimbra. Now, ZD sync data of approx 5.9 GB only... then sync icon continue to rotate but no data being sync from server.

    On all other systems ZD runs properly, please help me to get it run on all systems

    Thanks in advance.

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