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Thread: [SOLVED] Accessing ZD2 from browser

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    Default [SOLVED] Accessing ZD2 from browser


    When I want to access ZD2 from browser, I click "open in web browser" link on ZD2 window. Then the program appear on browser (I using Firefox), then I bookmarked it.

    Next time I want to access ZD2 from browser again, and click the bookmark, the problem appear, Firefox can't establish a connection to the server. I know what causing it, that is ZD2 using random port number for appear on web browser, that generate by script.

    My question is how to change the program to use fixed/same port number? I don't know anything about that script..


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    Default Good question

    I'm going to bump this up. I want to do the same thing. Hope somebody answers!

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    Marked as solved with no replies?

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