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Thread: ZD 2.0.0 - can't access Preferences

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    Default ZD 2.0.0 - can't access Preferences

    I plan to migrate quite a few remote users to ZD next week. I just discovered a bug that could put a big kink in those plans. I have to be able to access the Preferences tab to change ZD to be the default email client. When I click on it, I get "this.__keySequence is undefined". I have tried this on multiple machines running XP and Win 7.

    It looks like it is fixed in 2.0.1. But, I can't find the release date. Is that info available? Is there a workaround until it is released?

    Thanks for any info on this.

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    To add to this, I have loaded 2.0.0 on three machines - 2 Win7 and 1 XP, and get the same error when clicking Preferences. All I see on the Zimbra support portal is that it is fixed under 2.0.1, but there is no definitive date on the release - only "early December".

    1. Is there a config file that we can edit to manually set Zimbra Desktop as the default email application? I have a feeling there is. That value has to be stored somewhere and hopefully in an editable text file.

    2. Is there is definitive release date for 2.0.1?

    Somehow or another, I have got to find a way around this in the next few days.

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    Red face Same Thing on OSX

    Yup. I get the same thing on OSX (current snow leopard). I have looked for a fix but no luck.

    I think 2.0.1 is coming out soon though so hopefully it will work.

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