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Thread: Conversation problems with gmail account

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    Default Conversation problems with gmail account

    I currently have the latest zimbra desktop software installed (2.0.1) which i upgraded from 2.0 on a windows 7 professional 64bit edition.

    I have set up my gmail account with the zimbra desktop software and i noticed that every mail that syncs from gmail to zimbra automatically becomes a conversation.

    The odd thing is i have checked my gmail account and all i receive are single e-mails. What more unusual is when zimbra gets the mail from gmail its starts off as a single e-mail and later becomes a conversation and all of them have 2 mails.

    Below is a screenshot of my problem.
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    I've removed you image as it looks remarkably like advertising to me.

    There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the emails being in the same Conversation, they appear to have the same subject, if you don't like the Conversation view then change it to Message view instead.


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    Its not that i dont like the conversation mode. its just that every mail is turning out to be a conversation, regardless of the fact that the mail i may received is just a single e-mail since that particular sender has only sent me one e-mail.

    Which begs the question, how does a single e-mail end up in a conversation view since i thought the conversation view would only appear if 2 or more e-mails which are relevant are detected.

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