I am running Desktop 2.01 in the UK for my Gmail account and to date I am very happy with it. I am confused with the Zimbra Trash folder vs Gmail/Bin folder and have searched the web in vain for clarification of how it works. If I delete a message in Zimbra it goes to the Trash folder, and I am concerned that if I empty that folder it merely removes the label in Gmail and does not actually delete the message. Should I move all items in the Trash folder to the Gmail/Bin folder for it work 'properly'? What is the 'correct' way of deleting items in Zimbra Desktop with Gmail?

I did see a comment that it was related to the renaming of the 'trash' to 'bin' in the UK version of Gmail but I have not found anywhere a clarification of how it works. Any pointers would be very helpful.

Many thanks