So we have been running Zimbra for a while now, first on a test server with just a few users and now in production with 75 users and so far its been alright. We are running ZCS 6.0.9_GA_2686.UBUNTU8_64 and Zimbra Desktop 2.0 and 2.0.1 on the PC and Mac. I have noticed that when I make a change to preferences on the webclient side, it doesn't always show up on the desktop side of things. Point in question is with autocomplete shared contacts. The settings on the server say it is on, the web says it is on, but the desktop says it is off. Searching the log file on the desktop is giving me zimbraPrefSharedAddrBookAutoCompleteEnabled FALSE. What is up with that. Is there a way that I can force a sync of all preferences down to the desktop manually? I have also had this problem with the GAL too. It would be fine on the web client but not on zimbra desktop client. This is very frustrating and users are not liking this at all. The reason we went with Zimbra was for these features and the capability to sync to the desktop all settings. I really wish there was a way to force a preference sync.