Hi. Apologies for tacking this on to an old reply, but I thought that might be better than starting a new thread.

I love Zimbra, but I'm having a problem at the minute with it.

My problem is like ehults, I am getting 100's of copies of the same e-mail. I initially thought it was a server issue, so have contacted the ISP's involved. They assure me all is well at their end. They suggested downloading another e-mail client to see if it too did the same. I have done that, and the alternative client is not duplicating e-mails.

So, it would appear that Zimbra is duplicating e-mails when downloading them off the server.

Phoenix, I have noted your comments and I have looked at the methods of obtaining version/ release information, but cannot understand what to do. Can you explain the simplest way of finding this out please?

As for your comments on source, AFAICT, all the duplicated e-mails are from the same source.

Thank you very much in anticipation of your help.

If you feel this post would be better elsewhere, please move it. Thanks.