I am here in New Zealand and a new user of Zimbra Desktop.

I have a particular problem and I hope someone can help me with it.

I have 2 email accounts –Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

For a number of reasons including not having my own access to a computer,I have been unable to “keep on top of my incoming emails” especially in Yahoo Mail.

I have got so many to deal with ( over 50,000) that I had to find a way to “fix this problem,”
As I have just got my own netbook ( HP 110-1138) with Windows 7 Starter, I am finally able to finally do something.

I installed Zimbra Desktop and set up sync to “download” emails from Yahoo Mail.

However because the volume of messages is so big Zimbra can’t cope with this many messages.

So this is what I need to know please:
(1) How can I restrict the number of messages Zimbra can download to my In box in a particular time period-say daily?
(2) Is there a simplified “user guide” on Zimbra Desktop-I don’t find the present one very useful?
(3) If you had a huge number of messages to deal with, what strategy would you use please?

So any help anyone can give would be most appreciated.

Thank you.