I am running ZDesktop 2.0.1 on Ubuntu 10.04. I have an IMAP connection to an Exchange 2007 server. My contacts are also on that server, but they do not sync with ZDesktop.

I want to sync my contacts with my iPhone. I tried to export the contacts using a csv file. When I generated the csv file no data was added. In ZDesktop 1 there was a selection that asked me the export file type. In ZDesktop 2 it only allows ACCOUNT export. I also noticed my Contacts in my address book disappear when I go into the address book. I still have ZDesktop 1 operational and the bulk of my Contacts are there and can be exported.

Has something changed with version 2.0.1 regarding Contact export?

Any thought on why my Contacts could be disappearing? They reappear once I restart ZDesktop. When they disappear the Autofill on the To: email still works.

Thanks in advance for the help.