I'm trying Zimbra since some weeks...

This because in the next weeks i'll have to choose the sw for my work, i'm a notary in italy, and the sw house that i like offers the possibility (on their servers, very nice backuped all day long) to use Zimbra service, well connected with zimlet to the sw they sell... for ex.: inserting emails and attachments inside the sw i'll use... nice one

My previous usage of email and calendar and contacts was a normal one, a consumer one...

I have a Mac... i use gmail, i use mail.app or Postbox, i use iCal, i use address book, and i have an iPhone...

everything works, excpet 2 things:
1) push with gmail, that has a lot of limitations;
2) the sync of the "all mail" folder with every single email client in the world... noone of them interacts well with gmail... but i know, the problem is gmail which continue in its idea, not following what the 90% of users want.


For the future i care a lot about the security of my datas (emails and files of the sw i'll use).

The sw house offers a very good approach, backup and a lot of other things.

I have my domain too, a personal one.
I'll have my custom email.

I have some things i couldn't understand using Zimbra:

1) how to CORRECTLY import all my address book in Zimbra (NE), making possible that when i change something online on zimbra, that value is changed on my mac too, if i access the address book with Address Book application of mac?

2) i thought to have my custom email with google apps, just because was easy to config and manage... yes, with always the same problems in "all mail2 folder, but good working...
My second question is: using ZD i couldn't be able to make search in the all mail folder, and this is a problem... i use a inzero box approach, so all my emails are in the all mail folder, the inbox is usually empty...
Zimbra will never resolve this problem with "all mail" of gmail?
Then my best approach would be to config mx records of my cutom domain to use the servers of the service the sw house is selling me, so to have a normal email approach different from the one (labels) google is trying to offer to anyone?

3) how to CORRECTLY import all my calendars and be able to do as i requested in question 1?

Any help would be really appreciate... and sorry if i have been complicated in explaining my situation...