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Thread: [SOLVED] Unable to use "To" & "Cc" buttons

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    Default [SOLVED] Unable to use "To" and "Cc" buttons

    I use Windows 7 Starter on an HP Mini, with Zimbra Desktop 2.0.1 (build 10659) newly installed.

    I'm having a problem where on composing a new email I am blocked from using either the "To" or "Cc" buttons to access my address book. I have successfully imported my .csv and all contacts appear in the address book as they should. In fact, from the address book, I can select any number of contacts, right click, choose new mail, and all selected contacts appear in the new email. While this is a workaround for the "To" button, I can find no way to include "Cc" or "Bcc" addresses to the same email. Besides, there shouldn't be a need to use workarounds, as these buttons are usually expected to work.

    I have repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled, deleted and re-entered account, each with same result.

    Please keep to plain language when offering responses/fixes so that anyone else who has this problem may actually understand what to do about it.
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    I have since discovered that these buttons become functional only after, in setup, the check-box for syncing all addresses and groups is selected.

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