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Thread: I cannot receive emails...

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    Default I cannot receive emails...

    I have this email through my school (Onondaga Community College) but I cannot seem to receive emails from others or from other websites such as Amazon. I signed up and made sure my email was correct but I didn't receive my verification email... Is there a function I need to change to receive new emails? Can someone please help me with this.

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    You will want to contact your Zimbra Email Administrator at your school to check out the server logs to see if they can determine where your email may be going.

    If they are also using any other anti-spam services in front of Zimbra (such as Postini, Mailscanner, etc.), they will need to look there.

    But without having full administrative access to your Zimbra servers, there isn't much we can point you to look at other than checking your "Junk" folder.
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