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    Hi I have found this thread

    and that is fine and dandy, but I need a Canadian dictionary and within the Wiki page that is referenced there is no Canadian dictionary that can be downloaded. Does one exist somewhere?

    Or is there a way from within ZCS to control the dictionary used for spell checking within Zimbra Desktop, for Canadian dictionary?

    I haven't really found anything that tells me that I can set a dictionary except a few things related to aspell and changing the php file, and I am not sure if that works with Zimbra Desktop anyway.

    I am starting to think that Zimbra Desktop is not the way to go after running it for the past few months, I am really considering moving away from it and back to Outlook (but I really don't want to). Any help would be much appreciated.

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    So what i did was, get the Canadian dictionary add-on for firefox, search my computer for en-ca, copied the necessary files to the Zimbra location, changed the user.js file and it works. Wow what a pain that was. Maybe a setting within Preferences to change the spell check dictionary would be helpful.

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