I have a very large paid Yahoo account with many folders.

1) Is there any way I can choose which folders I want to download?

2) Can I download incrementally - in other words let's say I download today and then I don't download again for six months and assume I haven't changed the Yahoo folder structure in the meantime will the download six months from now on take everything again or will it just take the stuff that's been added in the last six months?

3) I want to keep using Yahoo mail for the next little while so I need the mail in Yahoo to stay in Yahoo. Does mail downloaded by Zimbra get taken out of Yahoo?

4) I am concerned that because of the size of my Yahoo account the download will take a long time.

a)During the download will access to my Yahoo account be affected e.g. slowness?

b) If for some reason the download gets interrupted e.g. Internet connection goes down, will that do any damage to my Yahoo account?

c) Will working on my Yahoo account while the download is in progress mess up the download?

Any time for answers on the above is appreciated in advance.