Hello at all.
In December I started to receive mail alert about disk warning, so I cleared space.
Now I'm still receiving same mail of the past (about 1000 mail/day).

I tried to do all: modify threshold, ignore disk etc, restart zimbra
But nothing worked.

Now this is my situation:
[zimbra@mail root]$ zmcontrol -v

Release 6.0.9_GA_2686.RHEL5_20101115233426 CentOS5 FOSS edition.

[zimbra@mail root]$ zmlocalconfig -s | grep zmdisklog
zmdisklog_critical_threshold = 98
zmdisklog_ignore_disks = sdc1|/dev/mapper/lnxsrv2-root
zmdisklog_warn_threshold = 97
[zimbra@mail root]$ zmlocalconfig -s | grep zmstat_disk
zmstat_disk_interval = 600

Can you suggest me how to procede?


I also modify:
my $IGNORE_DISKS = getLocalConfig("zmdisklog_ignore_disks");
my $DF = "/bin/df -k | /bin/egrep -v \"$IGNORE_DISKS\"";
#my $DF = '/bin/df -k';