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Thread: Sent Items mail keeps disappearing and reappearing

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    Default Sent Items mail keeps disappearing and reappearing


    I have about 6 clients using Zimbra Desktop to collect mail using POP3 from a Kerio server that is located in another country. We are based in Sydney, Australia.

    The version of Zimbra is 2.0.1 build 10659, and the OS is MACOSX and Win 7 mixture. I am experiencing the same problems with each client.

    When I look in sent items some emails are missing that they have sent. The odd thing is they pop up and then disappear again randomly. If I open and close the software it may show up, and other times not. There are always some missing. I have tried changing view settings. I have checked that preferences is set to save to sent items. It is just happening with some sent mail and not others.

    The work around for now has been to run a search using the users email address in the FROM field of Advanced search. This seems to reveal all the sent items that way. But it isnt ideal.

    Anyone else having this problem or noticing it. I couldnt see another issue like it, and yet I am seeing this with all my users.


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    I've experienced the same problem version 2.0.1 Build 10659.
    In my case it turned out to be an issue with the firewall not allowing me to send to the smtp server. I only discovered this by accident as I was at a different location than my home office and my messages were not showing up properly in sent messages. I did some tests and my test messages did not arrive until I reconnected at my home office.

    I would suggest checking firewall settings, either on the affected clients or at a corporate level. Port 25 to your SMTP server needs to be open.


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