Hi everybody !

I'm representing a Swiss Society, Dixi Holdings SA. We wanted to try Zimbra's email client, and I've personally installed Zimbra Desktop on my personnal computer.

During the installation, I had no problems. But when I tried to log myself with the soft, impossible to find the exchange server. It said "Impossible détablir la connexion avec “{0}”: vérifiez le nom de l'hôte, le numéro de port et la connectivité réseau." or, in english, it's probably something like "Impossible to etablish the connection with "{0}": check the hostname, port number and network connectivity."

I tried with the server name, "serv-exchange", with the IP-adresse of the server, but it's always the same error. I tried with others account too, but nothing changed.

The exchange server is installed on Windows server 2003, IMAP and TLS security.

Thank you for reading, and sorry if my english isn't very good, I'm french speaker.