We use Zimbra Desktop at my house and one of us is having issues with it.

The computer is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and the version of zimbra is 2.0.1.

The person has 2 IMAP accounts and a GMAIL account. The GMAIL accout is actually our ISP provider email but they use GMAIL.

For some reason there are times where Zimbra will not sync with the account when she tries to send out email. So if she just wrote something Zimbra at times will not send it out. Or even sync for that matter. You can press send recieve or even press the account only sync option and you don't see the sync symbol. She has to close out of Zimbra and reopen it to have it send.

I haven't heard anything from the other person who uses Zimbra for the ISP email. I've been using zimbra for around 2 years with my universities email (gmail powered) and have never had this issue.

No error reports are generated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Zimbra with no luck.