Hi, forgive me for this Zimbra Newbie question or more so a “consulting” type question.

In regards to Zimbra desktop backups.
First I have worked with a Zimbra installation a few weeks working for a small company that had implemented a local Zimbra server, (zimbra experience wasn’t on the job description)
But as an online strategist I believe I have done Ok managing the server….maybe??
The question come up the other day in regards to the only user/Zimbra account that requires remote access has filled up the local hard drive and wishes to have something done about it.

This user only uses Zimbra Desktop., although web access is configured
After a little research I discovered, I can simply archive old emails on this particular Notepad and then complete a local PC backup. Make sense to me!

This would create space on the server as archived emails are deleted from the server store and would enable me to delete the archive files on the local PC as I now have an up to date backup in my hot little hands…

But heres my situation and feel free to pull me up If I have misunderstood how things work in the Zimbra department.
1. This user requires to access emails up to and sometimes older than 3 years old quite regularly
2. This company has only 1 single NAS for all backups – including automatic nightly Zimbra Server Backups
3. I’m required to “develop” a backup procedure for this one user and store the backup on the NAS
4. This company has outsourced the Zimbra server backups to a 3rd party IT solution provider (who’s only responsibility is to ensure the Zimbra backup is completed every day and check the backups, This 3rd party doesn’t “manage” the server – Managing the server or more so email accounts is done all in house.

So my quest to develop such a procedure leaves with an understanding of this:
1. The server completes a backup every night and stores this on the NAS
2. This one remote user has Zimbra Desktop – which Syncs to the server – filling up the Local HDD
3. I’m then required to archive all old emails on this PC – about once a month or so
4. Which deletes the emails from the sever but leaves them on the local PC (archived)
5. The server continues to backup each night – but now doesn’t backup the “old emails” as they are archived on the local PC
6. I now complete an Export / backup on the local PC
7. Then store this backup on the NAS
8. Then delete the archived emails on the local PC – solving the local storage space issue

This procedure seems to create more issues.
1. This remote user no longer has access to old emails as they are zipped on the NAS
2. All I have effectively done is shifted the old emails from the server and placed them on the NAS where they already end up every day in the daily server backup if not archived

The only advantages I see:
1. The zimbra Server has less emails now to backup each day making the backup faster
2. And leaves more space on the server HDD

To me it makes sense to cut the middle man (me) and do this:
I would only suggest this method in this particular situation, total of 8 Zimbra accounts, only 1 remote user and a 3rd party company already ensuring Zimbra server backups are completed and tested.

1. Create a new email account for the remote user so they have 2 email accounts say
2. remotesuer@company.com (the current email account) and archiveremote@company.com (new)
3. Create a rule that forwards all emails sent to the current account are forwarded to the new account
4. Do not sync the new account with Zimbra desktop on the remote PC
5. Then just archive all old emails on the current account using Zimbra Desktop
6. Then delete all archived emails on the remote PC

No need for a local PC backup procedure
Creates space on the local PC
No need to worry about the backups as I now have shifted the backups back to the server level
The remote user can still access the old emails if required by web accessing the archive email account.
I can now teach this user to just perform the archives and delete the archives themselves monthly
If local PC hdd crashes or pc buns up no need to restore as I can just reinstall zimbra desktop
And during this time no time is loss as this user now can access all emails from either accounts via the web access and iphone / internet café’ or whatever.

Anyhow just wondering what others think, and/or if I have missed something
Would just doing a local PC backup be the ideal way.