Good Morning:

I am one of the many frustrated Microsoft users!! I have one computer with Vista that I am upgrading to Windows 7. Next week I will have a new laptop with W7. Normally I use Windows mail or Outlook express for my corporate email. I also have a Google, yahoo and Hotmail account. I was shocked to find out that MS did not include any email program with W7 and that Outlook Express and Windows Mail do not work with W7. Windows Mail may work but it is a pain to configure. I dont want Windows Live mial. I tried Thunderbird and it is OK. I also tried Postbox express which is similar. I came across a post about Zimbra desktop and downloaded it. Set up my Pop account and was off to the races. But how do I import my Windows Mail ( inbox, outbox, etc.) folders into Zimbra. I was surprised that there was no easy way?? Any help appreciated. I am fairly computer literate but certainly not an IT whiz kid.