I am using ZCS 7.0.1 NE on Ubuntu 10.04 x64 and ZDesktop 2.0.1

We used ZDesktop 1.0.4 to archive emails into the ZDesktop 1.0.4 LocalFolders.

Due to changes in man power, I needed to transfer some of the local folders to the ZDesktop of another (new) user.

For the new user I installed ZDesktop 2.0.1, and tried to import the archive messeges of the old user, which was exported using ZDesktop 1.0.4.

It dosen't import any of the mail from the old archive (*.tgz)!
I checked the contents of the *.tgz, it seems OK!

I could not find any error message regarding this in the logs!

The old archive is about 4 GB. I left the import procedure overnight thinking it will import mail by the morning. Nothing happned!

I tried to import the *.tgz archive into ZDesktop 1.0.4 too, but again it dosen't import anything.

Please advice me on this matter!