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Thread: Login password possible?

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    Default Login password possible?

    Hi. I'm not a computer person, but the director of a small library. Our email is hosted by a state agency, using Zimbra. I need to be able to access the data in my email folders when we are offline, as their servers sometimes are down. I downloaded and installed Zimbra Desktop. It seems to do what I need, but I have one question. Is there anyway that I can make it prompt for a userid/password before it goes into my email? This is a work computer, and others have access to it. I thought there might have been something I should have entered differently when I set the account up, but I can't get back into that now. I don't want to delete the account and start over, because I just spent hours synchronizing with the online account! Thanks for any advice!

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    Unfortunately the Zimbra Desktop does not have an option to ask for password upon load up.

    Hope this helps.

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